The Freedom Worship EP – Update #1

Today was an exceptionally successful endeavour.

It is with excitement that I write that the Freedom Worship EP is written in its most basic form, and this basic form has allowed me to generate a track listing for the release and consists of a number of acoustic guitar demo’s and pages upon pages of scribbled notes, an outpouring of my ideas and my heart onto paper.

The EP idea that started out as just a couple of tracks but as I sat down to finish the first two tracks, I ended up just creating two more new songs within 10 minutes which was actually quite reassuring and exciting. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to finishing the writing process, then tracking, mixing and producing the EP with some amazingly talented and passionate musicians.

We will be posting more updates as we go through the process of producing this EP, so if you’re interested, give us a follow!



What are your thoughts?

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