Preparation is Key

Before any great journey, there must always be an element of preparation and I think that’s what tonight has been about. To prepare, to get ready and to lay aside anything that might hinder the journey and planning to make sure everything runs smoothly is highly advised.

I can’t tell you how you should prepare, that’s up to you. I don’t want to tell anyone that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, but for me taking the time to setup my pedals, string my guitar, fix my tone and just generally prepare to write parts for the EP, makes the whole process just seem already a lot less of a daunting task.

It’s the preparation that puts my mind at ease, clears paths and lets me get ready for the task ahead. It’s left me feeling quite creative and ready to write. Having that in place, I think I am in a place of focus and that’s what makes the project exciting.

It’s true that spontaneity does reveal some raw ideas, and when I was demo’ing the tracks I’ve decided to put onto the EP, the majority were spontaneous. Now that it comes to developing the tracks, I am glad that I can now spend extra time in setting out my equipment so that the time I put into writing will be a thousand times easier.



What are your thoughts?

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