Going Back to Basics.

Our service this past Sunday night was somewhat irregular. From the song choices one would assume that a ‘lively’ session of worship was to take place but as circumstances do change and we were left with just two out of our team to provide worship for the service.

For the first time in a long time, I played an acoustic guitar with just my worship leader playing his electric guitar. It was intimate, gentle and endearing to take away all the other instruments for just one evening and although our worship leader was worn down with painful tongue ulcers, the worship was actually quite powerful.

I think sometimes it’s a good idea to strip back all the instrumentation (or as much as possible) as worship can become more of a duty than a privilege to play week in and week out, especially if your worship team isn’t very big. In this instance, it was circumstance that left us short but it demonstrates the need to sometimes tone down and go ‘back-to-basics’.

Maybe it can be a good idea to make your group smaller for an evening, take any pressure off, take the barriers down, connect and worship.



What are your thoughts?

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