The Freedom Worship EP – Update #2

Over the past few weeks, The Freedom Worship EP has been slowly coming together, with all of the basic structures of the songs recorded to click tracks and one of the songs demo’d fully.

The basic demo structures form a framework for the musicians involved in the project to learn from. Once the songs are familiar, it is much easier to bring more creativity and spirit to the recording. At the same time the songs are in their purest (some would say ‘roughest’) state at this point and are at the last step before preproduction rehearsals start over the next few months, which is pretty daunting and exciting at the same time.


We don’t have a solid release date for the EP at this stage but if you would like to be involved in what’s going on please follow our blog and keep an eye out for more updates, exclusive production footage and a promo video as the project goes on.



What are your thoughts?

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