And a Happy New Year!


Make sure that the message you heard from the beginning lives in you. If that message lives in you, you will also live in the Son and in the Father. Christ has given us the promise of eternal life. (1 John 2:24, 25 GW)

It’s nearly that time of year where it’s a brand new time of year. We get a clean start and the promise that next year will be better than the last. It will be, but only for a little while.

I’ve read enough articles recently to know that I need to work harder, exercise more, practice daily, worship more passionately and eat considerably less cake.

My observation however, is that we tend to fail miserably with our New Year Resolutions because we base our efforts to change on the mere fact that it’s a different year than it was a month ago.

Some people make it further than others each year though, accompanying their resolutions with strong goals to focus them. As an example, the cake thing needs to happen as I have a wedding suit to fit into in about 3 months, a definite focal point.

At the bedrock of this idea, is the fact that if your reasons for the change are not steadfast in something gloriously unchanging, then sooner or later 2014 will be exactly the same as 2013. You may reach your short term goals (I’m going to look dapper in my suit) but I’ll probably eat cake after the wedding.

No one vows to exercise more for just 6 months without a focal point. Resolutions are permanent things. Resolutions are life changers and when your reasons to change are genuinely because you see the person God wants you to be, then it starts to stick.

Train harder, your body can be pushed more for Christ’s work. Pray harder, you’re more open to God’s word. Play harder, encounter more.

This year, I urge you to make a resolution to change, but don’t found your reasons in something short term. Found them in the promise of eternity and they will truly change your life.

Have a blessed 2014.



What are your thoughts?

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