Our top five worship tracks of the moment.

What kind of blog would this be if we didn’t list something. Our idea for this one is to look at our top worship songs of the moment, right at the start of 2014. Stuff we’ve heard and thought that you might like to have a listen to, to set the tone for the rest of the year.

If you’ve got the latest Hillsong album, are currently going over the new Tim Hughes songs or enjoying the latest Spring Harvest offerings, then this list is a little bit away from that and just an idea of some other songs that are out there. These may not be the newest songs, they may even not be big news where you live or what you know in your church, but in our culture, they are pretty off the beaten track. This is a culture we’re trying to change, by introducing more people to the worship from the deepest parts of the hearts of God’s church.

1. Great are you, Lord – All Sons & Daughters

This song is a song that brilliantly iterates the closeness of our God.

“it’s your breath, in our lungs – so we pour out our praise to you only.”

It’s played in quite a popular modern and endearing style, gentle yet powerful and fitting as a modern style of worship. Many All Sons & Daughters tracks are in line with this, but this track in particular spoke to us. It’s honesty and truth is spoken in such a few words puts it at the top of our list.

2. Though You Slay Me. – Shane & Shane

This song gave us a new aspiration for those times in life which are especially difficult. If you watch the video on YouTube, there’ll more than likely be a link to their reasons behind the song. They are incredibly deep, rooted in the hurt of loss and all related back to the story of Job.

It revolves around praising God through despair and is a poetically poignant view of worship through loss, hurt and desperation.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that life is rough. Some people suffer more than others, but everything is relative.

3. We Rejoice – Elevation Worship

If you think back a few years and remember how you felt listening to ‘One Way’ by Hillsong United. Remember how you thought, “wow, these guys are cool and they are playing worship music!”?

It set in motion the revolution of modern worship music, and the guys at Elevation Worship are ‘carrying the torch’ as it were, by bringing exciting, lively and engaging worship music to the youthful masses.

This song in particular is an anthemic tune that is certainly driven with passion and excitement, and we feel incredibly relevant to the message that we carry.

4. I Surrender All – Ascend the Hill

For those of you that were brought up in a traditional church, the hymn ‘I Surrender All’ may be fairly familiar.

Ascend the Hill take these hymns and inject them with some progressive teenage angst fueled alternative rock.

If you like your worship a bit on the heavy side, with an extremely strong message, then these are a good place to start. They prove a point that there is no style or genre that can take away from the truths that are in these lyrics. There is a presence and incredibly descriptive pattern to hymn lyrics which hold true, no matter what style they are played in.

5. Come to the Cross – An Epic, No Less

The vocals in this band are heavily reminiscent of an Owl City style, but with much more of a live instrument backing to it. Come to the Cross is quite an accessible song, and that’s the thing with this style of music, it’s completely relevant and exciting to a lot of people.

Interviews with the band have highlighted that they know that God has called them to worship, but not to simply replicate the sound of everyone else’s worship. It’s here we’re reminded – worship demands our own voice is used to glorify God.

6. Hidden Bonus Track – Mount Zion – Jonathan Helser.

Check out the harmonies on this track… and the guitarists mustache… Both are absolutely stunning.

Our Thoughts

Always try to listen to different styles of worship, it makes it clear that your own voice is not only acceptable, but also of great worth to the heart of the Lord.



What are your thoughts?

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