How to move mountains when you struggle moving pebbles.

Sometimes worship is a struggle. I’m not sure why, but sometimes the harder you try, the harder it gets, and the cracks begin to show. It doesn’t help to dwell on mistakes, but they are an indicator of when things aren’t quite right. It’s an indication that someone’s heart isn’t in the game, and sometimes, it just isn’t.

Things have been going well in our band recently, and as a friend of mine says “you know you’re doing well when you do something worth attacking”, but sometimes it’s just life getting in the way. For leaders with the responsibility of a church hanging on their shoulders, it can be as much of a barrier as a blessing. Faith will move mountains, but nothing quells this like a tough service. Here’s my advice, you don’t need to start with the pebbles. Start with the mountains with whatever faith you have left. The tiniest faith will do the most amazing things.

It never occurred to me that being human is a big part of worship, and those times of worship that are a struggle are part of building a Kingdom, that sometimes people won’t dig your evening worship. Everyone is in a different place. All these things are fine, and they will always happen on occasion. If it starts to happen on a weekly basis, I’d start to question what’s going on and the answer would probably lie with something that the band were doing; think about song choice, your mix and your hearts! But once in a while is part of a natural cycle, people get tired, not only the congregation but the band as well. If you’re band isn’t big enough for a rotation, then this may happen more often, because there isn’t that opportunity to rest in between services.

I guess I’m consoling myself after a bad service, and yeah, it happens but this is a time for just leaving it behind and hitting next Sunday even harder, with more passion and an even greater sense of mission.



What are your thoughts?

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