Deeper Waters

So this past weekend was a pretty big weekend for TFWB, both blog and band, as we embarked on what has been our biggest adventure into God’s presence – moving deeper and firmly strengthening our understanding of worship at The Deep Waters Worship Conference in St Helens.

It’s also the reason things have been pretty quiet recently, there isn’t much time to reflect in the organising period, but  when you’re suddenly in the aftermath, when things are more still, it allows you time to breath and soak in what actually happened.

What actually happened is an amazing thought in and of itself. We received amazing praise both from attendees and church leaders alike, and while we are not out for praise, it is a reflection of God’s presence being among us and with us in the preparation and the delivery of this event, and also testament to the need of our town for unity in Christ, as people of every nation (or at least denomi-‘nation’) came together to worship in ways that many people said they hadn’t done before.

We explored the theology of worship, being God centred and not consumer driven, having honour in worship – honouring God, our leaders and our band mates and also, quite importantly, to look at the lyrical content of our worship songs when choosing our worship for Sunday Morning.

Don’t pick songs to bring based on YouTube views, choose songs based on their biblical accuracy and their meaning in alignment with the season of your church.

– Taken from a workshop led by Debs Davies, worship leader at St James in the City, Liverpool.

This post is only a brief rundown, and I’m sure I’ll have time to think over everything that happened in the time we spent at this conference. One thing is for certain. God moved. People experienced freedom in worship and God actually moved. It is at the heart of what we wanted to inspire as The Freedom Worship Band, and on our first big mission, God remained at the centre of our worship. It stands as a marker in our journey, and shows that worship is a part of who we are and who God is too.

Another exciting part is that our album is recorded in full, and work will begin this week, editing and mixing for release as soon as we know it’s ready!

Things are in motion for TFWB and we are blessed to have experienced all that we did this weekend, and we just cannot wait for the next one.



What are your thoughts?

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