Thoughts from the road.

Being the true tech fan that I am, I decided to blog whilst out on the road with the Cenacle boys.

With just 6 days left until the Easter Gathering with The Freedom Worship Band at St Helens Baptist Church, time seems to be speeding up as it gets closer.

One thing I’ve learnt about being in a worship band, not just for Sunday Mornings in my home church, but being part of one that doesn’t belong to a particular church, is that there is such a demand on your own personal organisation skills and merits before those doors even open.


Rehearsals; preparing music and keys; organising people, times and spaces; learning parts; sorting preset sounds and delay settings; booking PA systems; holding pre-production meetings; sorting promotion; making powerpoints – a whole host of things that cost us time, energy and resources.

Here’s the weird part. These tasks are just as glorifying as leading people in worship. Why? Because without these things, we would be completely unprepared and our hearts so unresolved to focus on the mammoth task of bringing people into the presence of God through worship.

The things on that list cost a lot. Sacrificing time and effort to bring out the best in ourselves as an offering to God. We are, after all, living sacrifices, and although the cost is high, we give freely so that we can bring everything we have before God.

We build ourselves a stage shaped alter and we come to worship. We have been awarded an opportunity and we want to grasp it with both hands, so that we can give of ourselves, everything we are as everything was given for us.

We would love to see you at our Easter Gathering, to meet faces old and new, and to celebrate the victory of the Cross.

The details are here.

God Bless



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