Exploring Freedom.

Freedom is a strong, and hugely difficult concept. How can we be truly free? Are we ever really free? What is the context of our freedom? The answers are way too broad, so I think what I want to examine is what we are doing, both as a blog and a band, to instill and explore  freedom. We are, after all, The Freedom Worship Band.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corithians 3:17

I guess what I wanted most of all right from the start of TFWB, was to explore the freedom between God’s people and God through acts of musical worship. There is a glorious freedom in Christ and in the spirit, not just after we dive deeper, but before we even change into our Speedo’s (if you’ll forgive my imagery).

People have been beaten and bruised and put down by fear mongering Christianity for centuries, and not the reverential awe inspiring fear. It’s the dangerous premise that we try to make God seem better by making everything around it seem worse, i.e. ‘God is good because Hell is bad’. Trying to make people afraid of the choices that they make is actually, I think, quite insulting.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:18

God is good because God is God. It’s his nature. I think this approach has done the most damage to the building of God’s Kingdom. This God > Hell approach. The choice of ‘God’s way or eternal damnation’ has transformed, it seems, into either take the world’s way or head to the church for a dressing down on where you’ll spend eternity. If our opening stance is so idiotically negative, people will gladly prefer to live in blissful ignorance. That is not freedom.

It destroys freedom when you try to remove a choice by making it sound like the other option is not even worth considering. Giving people an ultimatimum is not the way to make disciples. It causes people to react to the fear, creating judgemental attitudes and a religion of people too scared to live for fear of dying. Fear creates two reactions, removing oneself from the situation or fighting against it, neither is an approach to living in freedom.

Imagine if we raised children by instilling the love of God into them, instead of the fear of God of our past generations.

It’s important that we don’t give our life to something because of the fear of what will happen if we don’t. If you are going to give your life, give it as a response to the amazing grace and salvation you have been given. Give it because you want to love people in the same way that the Christians you have encountered have loved you, and just as Jesus does. Give it to something worth dropping your fishing nets to pick up a cross for.

The path of Christ is not the lesser of two evils, it is the response of true faith that the debt of every mistake we have ever made has been eradicated.

We have the freedom to choose this. We also have the freedom to reject it. I know that some people will, and some people won’t. I want people to accept this gift, because of how amazing it is, but our words may never be enough to convince people how amazing it actually is.

The Freedom Worship Band is in it’s infancy, but we’re growing in everything that we do. I think there are three areas that I would like to pursue further in the coming months.

Freedom of encounter

To create an atmosphere to allow an encounter so powerful that lives can be changed.

Freedom of expression

To create a freedom of expression of worship – egoless musicians demonstrating a pure expression of adoration to our King. To inspire the expression of surrender merely by raising a hand in worship.

Freedom of inspiration

To create amongst people an excitement and a place to become inspired by the spirit to do whatever God has called them to do. To refresh people’s hearts in worship outside of a Sunday.

We are on an amazing journey together, and we have had some incredible experiences that have shown us that we are doing is of God. We want to push into that and hope that you can share in that with us.

I hope you are encouraged by our words and our works.

God Bless



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