Welcome Back #TFWB!

The end of 2015 was the start of something massive for #TFWB founders Bethany and Ste. With the birth of baby Elijah, things got moved to the backburner to compensate for the massive learning curve that is parenthood.

Eli 166

Say Hello to Eli!


We were unsure whether the momentum we had gained from events with the Freedom Worship Band throughout 2015 would be picked up the same now that we had a 12lb lump of responsibility, but through this we’ve pushed deeper into the calling, and God has provided and sorted out our calendar a little bit to allow us the time to pursue this with the same people that started the whole thing, and enabling us to invite new people on our journey too.

Without giving too much away (until everything is confirmed), The Freedom Worship Band have an exciting 2016 ahead, starting with Easter and then right through the rest of the year!

We’re looking forward to it, and hope you can share it with us!

God Bless

Ste, Bethany and #TFWB team







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