About The Freedom Worship Blog

This blog was created to be place of inspiration, discussion and exploration of Christian worship music and exists to explore the spiritual, musical and technical facets of modern worship. It comes from a place of transition between Traditional and Contemporary styles of worship.

What we want to do is explore ideas and opinions on Worship Music, how it has moved and developed and how it is constantly changing. The goal is to challenge, to move and to embrace Jesus through Worship and to help and encourage worship leaders to release their passion through music.

But who are we?

We are worshippers, and have lead worship with some of the best worship leaders across the UK. We have a true desire to bring forward some of the ideas that exist in some Christian denominations. We are part of regular Worship Teams at churches all over St Helens; St Andrews, Denton’s Green & St Marks, Haydock, Christian Life Centre, Gateway (Wigan) and St Helens Baptist. We aim break the walls of denomination to walk in the path of Christ.

We’re not renegades, we just hope to be an example to show people that some traditions become a rut, a barrier or sometimes even a defense against encountering Jesus and that these need to break. Our offence? Christ, Music, Passion, Love. This is the message. This is freedom. // #tfwb